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What Cameras I Use?

reflex-600d-canonI often receive emails and even some comments, wondering what the camera equipment I own to produce the content of my blog. It is true that I have never given a clear response: the damage is now repaired with this post! This post will give you a basic overview of my structure and which I gadgets I prefer.

This post contains information as of July 11, 2016. I will try to keep it updated with all the latest stuff, but I cannot promise. It is not set in stone. In other words, it means that perhaps after July 11, 2016, I might be using something else. And it also means that not all my projects, for example, have not been made with the same gadgets. Moreover, at the time, there was no real “stuff” in the literal sense: and at that point, on blogs, we did not care a bit the image of the work. Today, times have changed, and the readers (you so!) Ask that we give careful attention to the posted video. Which is duly noted and of course very much appreciated!

However, I admit that this work on the image is not necessarily born with the blog. I did not care for gadgets before and my earlier shoots used devices which were very much outdated. But I was already interested in the photo and this world, without being a professional, I used to get along well. When I was young, my father did a lot of photography. He used to develop films himself using the old cameras. And I think I have the gift of knowing “capture the human” storytelling from him. All this fascinated me and still does to a great extent. So I caught the virus. My camera is almost everywhere with me, and I even carry several of them on holiday and places I visit. It can be boring for those who do not understand this passion, this personal challenge, and entertainment: they often feel they pass our holiday behind a goal. It is wrong to force things to photograph, and we see them differently. Or maybe they’re right, and I do not know. But from a different angle, for sure. Again, I’m just an amateur, but say what you like about my photos, this is my passion and it still amuses me.

And it is, therefore, natural that I am putting myself on this blog. Well, the subject is widely different from what I’m used to shoot: the packshot product and myself. Inevitably, at first, I fumbled. I even found myself asking why I am putting my funny face on my SLR. And it takes the game. You want to “build” more subjects, even if we know that we are not great art. In short, you always want to go further, to excel, to test stuff. It becomes fun! All that to say that there is no “standard” for beauty blog photo: to you to find your style, and then it becomes your taste. One advice I’d give, do not put the pressure for much, all this must remain a hobby and a friendly personal approach.

What about my stuff then?

The idea is not to list the equipment I use for my personal use, but rather that I regularly use for photos beauty of my blog. If you’re looking for best vlogging cameras then I’d recommend you to also check – ReviewsByExpert.

Canon EOS 600D

I bought it right out, and I do not get tired. Before I used to shoot with Sony, and I can tell you that I’m definitely Team Canon now. For the blog, I use two types of goals: the traditional 18-55mm and my adored fixed focus 50mm f / 1.4.

I never shoot in automatic mode. I like to make my own settings to achieve the desired effect. I’ll spare you the details of other objectives with which I shoot particularly during my travels.

I am also a fan of the reversible display, which allows me to control shots and videos in progress. Because yes, all the portraits of my blog (except look photos) are signed with my name. Out of the question that I ask anyone to do my “job” for me: it was, therefore, crucial that I can have visibility on my shots. You’ll also read, the few videos that I post are made with the SLR.

Nikon D5100

This is the SLR of my love (each his gear, each with its team it’s stupid because no pools the goals, but hey that’s life!). I sometimes shoot with this SLR, but I confess to being more comfortable with my Canon.

A foot

I bought it years ago at FNAC, impossible to give you a link. My excuses! Anyway, this is handy for self-portraits and videos.

A Drone

Nothing is more awkward than the photos where the person holds the arm’s length camera. As part of a “selfie” on Instagram, it can be funny. But for an excellent beauty portrait, it tends to bother me: the face is often relatively tense, the angle is not very happy, etc. It is only a story of personal taste, but I like things rather framed: and then a DSLR is too much to bear at arms for 5 minutes. The remote control allows me to be free to move, ask as I see fit. In short, that’s how I like it.

And right now, I am trying to benchmark the devices compact and connected pictures. A lot of them work on Android is the only thing that repels me. But I think it could be useful in spas or other tests where it is a bit annoying lugging this good big SLR and where you need a higher quality than what the iPhone offers.

Do I retouch my photos?

Yes. I never published a picture “raw” on my blog. As I shoot, I can very quickly work basic things like brightness, contrast, white balance (if I made in advance on the reflex does not suit me that much) without as “crush” the image and its specificities. It’s very soft touch, in fact, that I advise you to do as well to make them presentable! Because I shoot everything (or almost) in natural light and the effects are different from what is immortalized in the studio where you can master more things upstream.

However, I do not retouch me. In the sense that I do not change my face. I camouflaged nothing in particular (except a large button every 36 months, I admit), I consider it is necessary to show you the reality. This is our strength, our bloggers, compared to magazines and advertisements that everyone retouch anything goes (and wrongly, often).

Anecdote: in working collaborations with brands, it has happened to me to receive photos made in the studio. I had more freckles, moles over nothing, and it was downright daring touch to my physical integrity without asking me. That’s the difference between advertising and blogs. And I want to stay blogosphere the side of the force!

I hope these answers will help you!

I also have been using another camera with which I can shoot in the street (or some looks) for six months: The Olympus, OMD EM5 Olympus which I add different objectives according to the desired effect. This is the kind of practical hybrid camera to take a trip, not having to lug the bulky SLR.

To my Instagram, many have asked me what I was using. I shoot with either one of my cameras, either with my iPhone (number 6 at this time, although I will buy myself 7 shortly!). I never add little or pre-defined filters. I usually hack through several applications like Afterlight, Snapseed or VSCOCam. In case the pictures are taken with a camera, they are retouched via my computer directly to Photoshop.