Chatbots and IT security: a solution for cybersecurity

The rise of chatbots - computer programmes capable of simulating a conversation with humans - has transformed the world of human-computer interaction. Integrated into websites, mobile applications and social networks, they offer a user-friendly experience and can automate numerous tasks. Let's find out how these technologies can be a solution for cybersecurity.

How can chatbots contribute to cyber security?

Chatbots can play a crucial role in cybersecurity by tackling a number of fronts.

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User awareness and training

Chatbots can be used to distribute security information and advice to users, raising awareness of different threats such as phishing, malware and social engineering attacks. They can also provide interactive training to help users adopt robust security practices.

Detecting intrusions and suspicious behaviour

By analysing users' interactions with information systems, chatbots can identify suspicious behaviour that could indicate an intrusion or attempted fraud. They can then alert security teams and take preventive measures to limit the damage.

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Chatbots can monitor attempts to connect to information systems and identify suspicious activity, such as repeated connections from unknown IP addresses or attempts to connect using incorrect identifiers.

They are able to analyse user actions within information systems to identify unusual behaviour, such as access to sensitive files or data to which users do not normally have access, or attempts to modify critical system parameters.

Assistance in the event of an incident

In the event of a cyber security incident, chatbots can provide assistance to users by guiding them through recovery procedures and offering advice on how to protect their data. They can also be used to gather valuable information about the incident to help investigate and prevent future attacks.

24/7 support for optimum responsiveness

Unlike human response teams, which are subject to time and availability constraints, chatbots offer uninterrupted support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This permanent accessibility is important for a rapid response to incidents. This will limit their spread and harmful impact. Whether it's a ransomware attack, a data leak or a malicious intrusion, chatbots can immediately guide affected users through the appropriate emergency procedures. Click on this link for Quick access to information.

Gathering strategic information

In addition to their support role, chatbots can also play a key role in gathering important information during an incident. By questioning users in a structured way, they can gather valuable details about the circumstances of the incident, the systems affected, the actions taken and any vulnerabilities exploited.

Once analysed, this data can prove decisive in carrying out in-depth investigations, identifying attack vectors and implementing effective prevention measures.

Strategic collaboration with human experts

Although chatbots are capable of managing many aspects of an incident, their real strength lies in their ability to work in synergy with human cybersecurity experts. 

By providing a first level of assistance and gathering key information, they enable the experts to focus on the most complex and strategic tasks, such as forensic analysis, identifying persistent threats and developing robust countermeasures. This collaboration maximises the effectiveness of incident response, drawing on the complementary strengths of chatbots and skilled human resources.

What are the challenges of using chatbots for cybersecurity?

The use of chatbots for cybersecurity also presents certain challenges that need to be taken into account.

Security of the chatbots themselves

Chatbots themselves can be vulnerable to cyber attacks, which could compromise user data and make it easier to break into information systems. It is therefore crucial to put in place adequate security measures to protect chatbots.

Quality of information and advice

The quality of the information and advice provided by chatbots is essential to guarantee their effectiveness in terms of cyber security. It is important to ensure that chatbots have reliable and up-to-date sources of information and that their advice is tailored to the needs and level of understanding of users.

Data management

Chatbots often collect personal data from users. It is important to put in place data management practices that comply with current regulations, such as the RGPD, to protect users' privacy.