What’s the Best Way to Accessorize a Peplum Top for High-Impact Professional Style?

In the realm of fashion, the peplum top has re-emerged as a popular choice among style-savvy women. Whether you’re gearing up for a meeting, a post-work dinner, or simply want to elevate your everyday wear, a peplum top can be your best ally. With its cinched waist and flared hem, this top adds a touch of femininity to your ensemble while accentuating your hourglass figure. But how can you accessorize this versatile piece to create a high-impact professional style statement? Let’s explore.

Selecting the Best Bottomwear

When pairing your peplum top with bottom wear, it’s crucial to consider the top’s design and your body shape.

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Straight-cut or slim-fit pants are a classic choice with peplum tops. They beautifully balance the flared hem of the top and accentuate your waistline. If the top is simple, feel free to experiment with patterned or textured pants. On the other hand, a sequined or heavily embroidered peplum top pairs best with solid, neutral-colored pants.


If you’re leaning towards wearing a skirt, a pencil skirt is your best bet. Its slimming effect perfectly complements the peplum’s flair, creating a sleek silhouette. Stick to black for a fail-proof, sophisticated outfit that’s perfect for a business setting.

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A peplum top can also double as a dress, especially if it’s a longer, tunic-style version. With a waist-cinching belt and a pair of heels, you can transform a peplum top into a chic mini dress.

Choosing the Right Accessories

Your outfit isn’t complete without the right accessories. Jewelry, shoes, and bags can all make or break your outfit. But don’t go overboard; remember, the aim is to enhance your peplum top, not overshadow it.


Since peplum tops have an inherent drama, simple, elegant jewelry works best. A pair of stud earrings or a minimal pendant necklace provides just the right amount of sparkle without stealing the show.


Heels are arguably the best footwear choice for a peplum top. They elongate your legs and further define your figure. Whether you choose stilettos, wedges, or block heels, they’ll add a touch of elegance to your outfit.


When selecting a bag, consider the occasion and the rest of your outfit. A structured tote or a satchel often works well for the office, while a sleek clutch is suitable for more formal events.

Experimenting with Layers

You might want to layer your peplum top, especially in cooler weather. However, it’s essential to do it in a way that doesn’t hide the top’s distinctive shape.

Blazers and Jackets

A tailored blazer or jacket can enhance the professional look of your peplum top. Ensure it’s fitted and ends above the peplum’s flare. An open-front style can adeptly showcase your top while keeping you warm.


A cardigan can add a casual vibe to your peplum top outfit. Choose a cropped style or one that can be tied at the waist to preserve the peplum’s silhouette.

Mastering the Art of Color Coordination

Color coordination can significantly impact your overall look. While a monochromatic outfit can create a streamlined, sophisticated look, playing with contrasting colors can add a dynamic, eye-catching element to your ensemble.

Monochromatic Scheme

Creating a monochromatic outfit with your peplum top can enhance your figure and make you look taller. Use varying shades of the same color for your top, bottom, and accessories to pull off this look.

Contrasting Colors

If you’re in a mood to play with colors, choose a color for your bottom wear that contrasts with your peplum top. You can use a color wheel to find complementary colors or stick to classic combinations like black and white or navy and beige.

By carefully choosing your bottom wear, accessories, layering pieces and colors, you can create a high-impact professional style with your peplum top. Now, go ahead and make a chic style statement at your workplace! Remember, confidence is always the best accessory you can wear.

Mastering Visual Balance

Mastering visual balance is key to creating a compelling look with your peplum top. The flared hem of the top naturally draws attention, making strategic styling choices essential to maintain an elegant and professional appearance.

Body Type Considerations

When styling a peplum top, it’s critical to consider your body type. This style of top is advantageous as it flatters various body shapes, from pear to hourglass and even rectangular forms. A peplum with a higher flare can create the illusion of curves on a straight body, while a lower flared peplum can accentuate an hourglass shape. Identifying the best style for your body type ensures that you look and feel your best in this versatile top.

High Waisted Bottoms

High waisted bottoms pair well with peplum tops. They enhance your waistline and complement the top’s flared hem, creating a streamlined silhouette. Both high-waisted pants and skirts work with the peplum style, making it easy to incorporate into your existing wardrobe.

Peplum Top Layering

Layering over a peplum top can be tricky, but it’s possible when done thoughtfully. The key is to choose a layer that ends above the peplum’s flare, like a cropped blazer or a cinched cardigan. This ensures that the unique shape of the peplum top isn’t lost under the extra layer.

The Power of Accessories

Accessories can effortlessly elevate your peplum top outfit. When styled correctly, they not only enhance your overall look but also highlight your personal style.

Jewelry Selection

Choosing the right jewelry for your peplum top outfit can be a gamechanger. While oversized or statement pieces can overwhelm the look, simple, elegant jewelry like stud earrings or a minimal pendant necklace can provide the right amount of dazzle. Remember, the aim is to complement the peplum top, not overpower it.

Footwear Choices

Peplum tops pair well with all types of footwear, but heels are a standout choice. They elongate your legs and further enhance your hourglass figure. Be it stilettos, wedges, or block heels, the added height works wonders to accentuate the peplum top’s flared silhouette.

The Right Handbag

The right handbag can make or break your outfit. A structured tote or a satchel works well for the office, while a sleek clutch is suitable for more formal events. Choose a bag that complements your outfit and fits the occasion.


Peplum tops are a timeless fashion piece that can blend effortlessly into any professional wardrobe. With their flared hem and cinched waist, they’re an ideal choice for showcasing your hourglass figure or creating curves where they might not naturally exist. By carefully considering your body shape, coordinating colors, experimenting with layers, and selecting the right accessories, you can create a high-impact professional style that’s uniquely yours. The key to mastering the peplum top look is understanding balance and ensuring each element of your outfit complements the top rather than overshadows it. So, go ahead and share that post on Instagram flaunting your peplum top outfit. Remember, confidence is the best accessory to complete any outfit.