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Reasons Why Would Someone Take a Picture of My License Plate?

Why Would Someone Take a Picture of My License Plate

If you are driving and have seen a motorist in front of you at a high rate of speed, and they have their license plate visible, you might have been wondering to yourself, “Why would someone take a picture of my license plate?” This is because it is such a simple, common question that can provide a multitude of answers. Many people are unaware that someone could take such a picture without having to follow any legal or ethical rules. While there is no law that states someone has to record the license plate number of another without consent, there are several reasons why someone may want to do just that.


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A person who is interested in taking down license plate information will do so without permission. They will simply use a personal camera or cell phone to take the picture. It could also be an attempt to identify the vehicle in the road. There are a number of reasons why someone might want to look up the license plate of another vehicle. They could be following a strange vehicle or trying to find something that belongs to the driver of the car in front of them. Many people even search for lost license plates online, which is a perfect way to trace them if they happen to run across it in the process of doing their own private search.

Most people who try to look up license plate numbers online do not realize that they have to be legal residents of the state in which they are searching. If the person wanted to look up license plate numbers from outside of the United States, they would have to know the license plate number before they could get the information. While some people will not think twice about searching outside of their state, others do not realize that they need to be legally permitted to access that information. Therefore, they will try to find a legal method for accessing license plate information in another state, which can become a hassle.

One way that people try and find other license plate numbers by themselves is by using online databases. Such databases often offer images that are not as clear as the original, but can still be used to locate vehicles. The problem with such databases is that they are not always updated. People might only find what they were looking for within the last month or two, and if they miss the entire period then there is no point in even trying to look for it. It can be frustrating spending your time trying to find something when there are so many better ways to use this information.

Another reason why someone would take a picture of my license plate number is so that they can copy it and use it for their own reasons. If a person is driving on the highway and sees another car swerving down the highway, they may feel that it is safer to speed and do not notice the other car. They might think that the license plate will stop their speeding ticket. By taking a picture of my license plate number, I have guaranteed myself that I am not the only one who thinks like that.

I once had a guy come up to me while I was parked in my car. He wanted to know why I was in my car, and then asked to take a picture of my license plate number. I told him that I did not know who had requested that information, and that I was not going to give his information to anyone else, or else he would make a “mistake”. I asked him why he should take a picture of my license plate number if it was not for anything other than “looking for” someone.

This gentleman thought about it for a few minutes and then said “I see cars like yours all the time, and I just want to know who is driving that car. It could be somebody that lives out here, or perhaps it’s someone that comes here a lot. Maybe it’s a friend that comes through here all the time. I just want to identify that car, so I can report it to you.”

So in short, if you are ever asked to “identify a car,” I recommend that you NOT respond with, “Is that your license plate?” That is something you should never say. I also recommend that you either write down the license plate number yourself, or at least have it on your person at all times. This will serve you well, and it will also give you a little bit of peace of mind.

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