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How to Take a Panoramic Picture on Galaxy S8?

How to Take a Panoramic Picture on Galaxy S8

The features and functions of the new LG Galaxy S8 are quite impressive. Aside from being equipped with a high-end design, it comes with a number of advanced photography features as well. To take a panoramic picture on LG’s latest smartphone, you need to learn how to take a panoramic picture on Galaxy S8. Here are the basics:


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Download images from your computer or your phone’s photo shop. If you don’t have any of these on your device, check out a reputable online image editing software store. Choose the one that matches your device’s specifications and requirements. Once you’ve got the software on your PC, transfer the images onto your handset. This is done through the USB port on your computer.

Use your Samsung phone’s motion sensor to trigger the image-taking process. There are times when you can snap photos without using your hand. In such instances, you need to activate your phone’s motion sensor. When this is done, it will recognize movement in the area and prompt you to take a panoramic picture. It’s that easy.

Learn how to use portrait mode. portrait mode is a feature present in the S8’s built-in camera app. This is actually one of the best smartphone uses you can have. This mode allows you to take a series of pictures while maintaining a stable pose by tilting your Samsung phone’s screen. You can achieve a variety of effects such as having a blurred background or selective focus.

Use a photo editing software program on your PC or laptop. There are a number of software programs you can use to edit and manipulate your pictures before transferring them to your Samsung Galaxy S8 for a great picture. There are apps specifically designed for taking high-quality picture images. I highly recommend these because they are less likely to cause glitches in your device. Plus, you have access to professional photo editing tools which can eliminate a lot of mistakes.

Take multiple pictures at different angles. When taking multiple pictures of a scene, you need to make sure that they’re taken from at least two different angles. This makes it easier to come up with a nice picture collection. The more angles you use, the better your picture will look.

Experiment with the white balance settings. Another handy trick to use when snapping a picture on your S8 is to set the white balance to the proper yellow/green. Not every camera can handle automatically adjusting the white balance. If your camera doesn’t automatically adjust it, then you can try to adjust it manually by using the manual mode. Once you get used to it, you’ll want to leave it on since it improves picture quality tremendously. And it saves a ton of money on electricity!

One last tip on how to take a panoramic picture on the Samsung Galaxy S8: don’t focus too much on a single object. As a rule of thumb, don’t zoom in on a close-up subject unless it’s a very large object like your face. It can ruin a picture. Also, be aware of where the light is streaming in. Use an outdoor light source or the sun if available. Doing so can greatly improve your picture and save you money on your electricity bill.

The final step is exposure. Set your aperture to what will give you the best picture speed. I usually recommend a f/stop value of f/4. Remember to always compose your image in the center rather than the edges.

With those five simple steps, you should have no problem getting great picture results. Try it out on a different part of the Galaxy S8. See what works and what doesn’t. You might even find that you have more to learn about how to take pictures on a Samsung Galaxy S8. Who knows?

That’s it for, how to take a panoramic picture on the Samsung Galaxy S8. Hope you enjoyed. Now go take some pictures! !

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