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How To Put Picture Behind Text In Google Docs?

How To Put Picture Behind Text In Google Docs

Learning how to put a picture behind the text in Google Docs is not as difficult as you might think. If you know how to use Microsoft Word, you have all the software that you need to be able to create a document in Docs format. It’s really just a matter of clicking and dragging where you need to, then filling out the blanks when you’re ready.


How to put a picture behind the text in Google Docs is pretty much the same as in Word. Just click on Insert, choose Drawing, and choose the image you’d like to draw or upload from your computer. You’ll find a button for selecting different colors if you’d like. Once you’ve made your selection, you can click the button and insert into your Google Docs page setup. Then choose Insert as many times as you wish to create as many pictures as you’d like.

The same holds true for converting your Word documents into PDFs. Simply choose the PDF option when you’re in the Insert menu, and you can see a drop down menu for choosing the file format. Click on the PDF, then click OK. Your Word documents are now available as a Portable Document Format file. You can open them up in your PDF viewer or convert them to PDF and save them to a desired destination, such as an eBook or the Web. The same holds true for other text files that you’d like to convert to a Portable Document Format.

how to put picture behind text in Google docs

How to put a picture behind the text in Google Docs is only half the story. If you’re wondering how to put a picture after text within slides, the answer lies in converting your Microsoft PowerPoint presentation into a PDF and then adding slides to the folder. This is relatively simple to do with the help of third-party tools and software packages such as Open Office.

Open Office is a free suite of office applications developed by Microsoft that includes a word processing component, spreadsheet, and presentation tool. You can download and install Open Office, which will allow you to edit spreadsheets and prepare both text and graphics. Open Office allows you to import PowerPoint presentations and photos, as well as create, edit, and share documents. If you have PowerPoint slides stored in a folder, you can import them into Open Office and begin working on a presentation. Once your project is saved, you can change fonts, text size, and background color to customize your presentation. That’s really all there is to it!

The easiest way to get started is to begin with a blank document. Type some text or images in the document and place them where you’d like them to be placed, and then select “draw” option from the tool menu. A translucent white background will be created, and you can choose among several different background themes. The most popular PowerPoint themes are light, dark and gray, and you can change the background using the tools available on the tool menu, or by changing the font color and theme.

How to put a picture behind the text in Google Docs is just as simple as that! There is no need for any special skills or coding skills. All you need to do is select “draw” option from the main menu and point to the area you would like to draw the background. Select a background with a similar shape and size as the area you have selected, and then select “paste” from the edit menu to place the image you have drawn into the designated area. It’s that easy!

When you learn how to put a picture behind the text in Google Docs, you will discover the convenience and ease of editing pictures, including the ability to resize and move them around, hiding text and formatting. When you’re done working on a document, you can easily go back to your other documents by clicking on “undo”. You may also undo anytime you wish, without having to wait for the redraw prompt. This feature makes how to put a picture behind the text in Google Docs even more useful. Why struggle with difficult to understand formats and functions when you can easily make use of advanced features and functions?

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