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Does Twitter Notify when You Save a Picture of a Tweet?

Does Twitter Notify when You Save a Picture

“Twitter notified me that I saved a picture of this tweet…” is the standard line when you mention something on Twitter. You might have seen it so many times that you know it means something. But what does this mean and how can it help you save a picture of a tweet that you wrote?


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So…you save a picture of what you wrote, but what happens when you save a picture to Twitter? Well, Twitter takes a picture of the post written out and adds a thumbnail to it. They also take the location, along with the time stamp, which helps them calculate how old the post is. All of this information is displayed to the right side of the timeline.

The question many people have is whether or not Twitter will save a picture of a tweet you wrote. If you are tweeting from a photo account, then yes, you will be notified by Twitter. If you are using a photo widget for your Twitter page, then the picture you took with your phone will show up in your feed (and if you are sharing that picture with others they will also see it). Twitter does require that you enable the image JavaScript in your Twitpic settings. Once this is enabled, every time you save a picture to Twitter you are saving a link to the JPEG file that is created when you save the photo.

This JPEG file is only accessible by the person who saved the picture. For example, if you took a picture of your puppy last week, and posted it on Twitter, someone somewhere should have seen the picture and received your tweet. If they didn’t see your tweet they won’t be able to see the picture – at least not if their Twitter settings aren’t set to show Twitter pics. So, do you think this pic will appear if you save a picture of a tweet you wrote?

Well, let’s hope that no one notices that your Twitter photo is actually on Twitter before they read your caption. But even so, not everyone will be following your feed this way and seeing a picture of your Tweet doesn’t automatically make it newsworthy. It may just give them a passing interest or confirm what they already know. If you are tweeting about something important, and you have posted your picture, but if it is an image that somebody else added to their feed, that could work against you. So, is it always good practice to save a picture of a tweet you wrote?

Most people agree that it is not. They say that you have to be careful with what you post online, because it is all too easy for things to go viral. What happens when a picture of you riding your motorcycle appears in your e-mail, blog entry, or Facebook wall is that it ends up all over the Internet. Not only does it have to go through several versions before being placed on a website, but new pictures are created with each one.

This means that if you save a tweet as a picture, and then you put a different picture of you riding the motorcycle in the same tweet, people will receive two different tweets. In fact, some people have noted that they get a whole series of tweets when they save a picture of a tweet. It’s easy to understand why people would want to take this further. You can make sure that every tweet you send out is unique if you save a picture of a tweet.

So, does Twitter notify when you save a picture of a tweet you wrote? Well, in theory, yes, it does. However, there are certain conditions that have to be met. When you save a picture as a tweet, your account needs to be publicly accessible. The easiest way to test whether your Twitter account is publicly accessible is to go to the Twitpic site and upload your picture, then save it. If Twitpic can see your image, then it should be available to everyone.

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