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Who is the Killer Picture?

Who is the Killer Picture

Recently there has been renewed interest in a case that gained worldwide headlines and then disappeared not a few years ago. In the United States, police discovered the body of a teenage girl in a shallow grave. Her death was ruled a suicide due to drowning. What was once labeled as a ‘killer image’, or who is the killer picture, has since gone viral, with millions of people coming across the photograph on the Internet.


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There are many theories as to who is the killer picture. One such popular theory is that it may be a publicity stunt by an artist to get media attention. Others think it was either a prankster or a stalker. Many people see the photograph as nothing more than an unsettling image of a person holding up a knife and a camera. Some even speculate that it shows a failed attempt at suicide by hanging oneself.

Police have determined that the deceased, Jasmine Fuller, was a member of a small family in rural Georgia. Her parents, Robert and Janice had died several years before she was reported missing. Police say they have no idea how she got home and if she made it out of the grave. Her father had reported her missing weeks before her body was found. Police believe she was last seen at a bus stop near the King Street Tunnel in downtown Atlanta. The bus station is closed until further notice.

Investigators are trying to find the identity of the person who owns the stock photograph in circulation. This photograph has circulated widely on the Internet and has been displayed on numerous websites. It has been displayed without authorization and without permission. One website has even offered money for the name of the person who owns the ‘who is the killer image’. This article intends to raise awareness of this public threat.

This is a small image collage composed of 19 images from the suspect’s cell phone. The images were taken about one hour before the murder. There are many other photos included with the police request for information regarding this ‘who is the killer image’ mystery. All these photos were obtained by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation through a public records request.

The image collage was developed by private investigators using special computer software. This software is available for a very reasonable fee. This investigation will not reveal any identifying details as this image only holds information of what the killer was looking at. It can however, be used by private investigators to conduct a more in-depth search for their client.

Police ask for the public’s assistance in finding the real owner of this unknown cell phone number. They ask anyone who has seen the unknown number on their partner’s or child’s cell to contact them. There is no information available in regard to who owns this number. This is because the owner of the number has not yet been found.

The photo in this link may be what finally brings justice to the case. There is no doubt that the photo is what everyone is looking for. This is also what the police officers want. They are trying to discover if the person shown in the image is the killer and finally bring closure to this case. One thing is for certain; this unknown caller will not be able to hide his identity for long now. This information will be made available to the public soon enough.

Who is the Killer? is a new release from a well known Canadian internet entrepreneur and blogger, Ryan Watson. This is the third installment in his series of investigations that have spanned the country. Mr. Watson believes that solving these crimes is much easier when you have quick access to the internet. He has used the services of various online resources to track down the real identity of the person in the Who is the Killer image. Through his research he has located the real identity of the mystery caller.

The link is not only found in Canada, but also in the United States of America. The service is offered by several websites. One has to pay a small fee for the information obtained. If the number in the image is a cell phone number, the search will not be successful because mobile phones do not have the directory feature. There are also websites that claim to offer this service free of charge, but they only give access to the database of land-line numbers.

Many people find it offensive that the question of who is the killer is linked to an online image search. Mr. Watson states that this is no reflection on the people who find the image disturbing. He believes that one should be able to use any online resource without fearing legal action. Several people view the image of a naked woman with a knife in one hand and the image of a man holding the other are being looked at by the public everyday. Whichever opinion one may hold, the question of who is the killer still remains.

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