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How to Put Pictures on a Mug Coffee?

How to Put Pictures on a Mug

If you are looking for an idea on how to put a picture on a mug, then this article is just for you. Today mug is one of the most-used household things, so instead of thinking it is very difficult or expensive to put a picture on a mug, think again. With the right kind of do it yourself photo mug kits you can put any picture that you want on it. And because it is not an expensive thing to make at home, it will save you enough money from buying and using it many times over. Here are some ideas how to put a picture on a mug:


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Buying a Photo Frame: One important thing about mug is that it is mostly used as a beverage holder. So, before buying a frame you have to check out the existing design of it. You can buy mugs in different shape, size and color. And, instead of buying a frame with the same shape and size, try to get a photo frame that fits the shape and size of your favorite photo. But, you have to remember to provide enough space around it for printing your photo.

Heat Press: Another method on how to put a picture on a mug is by using the heat press. In this method, all you need to do is to apply pressure on the photo that you want to print on the mug surface using the appropriate type of ink. Generally, inkjet ink is commonly used for printing photo. You have to apply pressure on the ink using the appropriate type of equipment until you successfully get a good result.

Sublimation Printing: If you want to make a unique design on your coffee mugs then it is recommended for you to use sublimation printing method. This method is more cost-effective and uses electricity less energy than other printing methods. For sublimation printing, all you have to do is to apply heat to the mug that you want to display your picture on.

Ink Jet: If you do not want to spend much time applying heat on your mug, you can use ink jet. This type of printing method uses water droplets for transferring digital image or any image on the mugs’ surface. However, this process usually takes a lot of time. It is also more expensive compared to other printing methods.

Heat Press: It is the most popular method of printing. It uses a heat press, which is a device used to apply continuous heat to various materials. There are many advantages of using a heat press like you do not need to apply heat continuously to the mugs unlike ink jet and photo print. If you want a design of your choice on your mugs, it will take only a few minutes. This is also the cheapest method available. There are many companies that offer services of photo print and heat press.

Custom Mug: A customized mug gives a sense of uniqueness. For instance, you can get your picture printed on a ceramic mug with your name and message on it for a great gift. There are many companies that offer customized service of this kind. You can choose the size, shape and color of the ceramic mug and they will deliver the customized mug to your doorstep.

How to put a picture on a coffee mug has never been this easy! You can personalize your favorite photos on any mugs as many times as you want. Just browse through different companies and choose one that offers a personalized service. Personalized mugs not only serve as a great gift item, but they also show your style and taste. So, next time you go for mugs, look out for one that you can use to show off your best photos.

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