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How To Overlay a Picture On a Video in Movie Maker?

How To Overlay a Picture On a Video in Movie Maker

How to Overlay a Picture on a Video in Movie Maker: If you have ever watched a video where someone is recording a video, and you see behind the person, you will sometimes see a picture of what they are doing. This is called an “inverted picture” effect, and it’s really cool when you can do this with your movie maker. The steps to do this are pretty simple, and anyone can do them. In this article, I’m going to show you how to overlay a picture on a video in movie maker.


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How to overlay a picture on a video in movie maker?

  • The first thing that you need to do is to go to the source picture. You can find this by pressing CTRL + P. In the example above, we’re going to use the “cropped picture” as our source. If you don’t have a cropped picture, you can download one from the internet and just convert it to a.jpg file.
  • Now that you have the source picture, you need to create an overlay. This is done by finding the layer you want to put your picture on. Right click on the layer and choose “overlay”. A menu will pop up, select that same layer. This will add the overlay to that layer.
  •  You can choose to have the picture appear horizontally or vertically. To change the appearance, click somewhere around the picture and change the vertical option or the horizontal option. You can also add some text to the picture, if you’d like. Notice that there is actually a little picture here. When you click on it, a blank layer will be created.
  • After the overlay has been added, you’ll see the red square where you began. Click on it will bring up the layer you were working on. You can change the red color by clicking on the little picture. If you change the background color, you’ll see the red color within the picture area. The overlay will be saved and you can continue with your video editing.


This how to overlay a picture on a video tutorial was showing how to use video editing programs like Sony Vegas or Windows Movie Maker. These are the programs that you usually use to make your own short movies. There are other programs that are available, but they are not as user friendly as Vegas or Movie Maker. If you want to learn how to overlay a picture on a video, you should try to use programs that have an interface very similar to Vista or XP. If you can use Microsoft video software, then you have nothing to worry about because that program will also allow you to overlay a picture on a video.

This how to overlay a picture on a video in movie maker tutorial was showing how to use Vista to create a video. In this case, we were using a Windows Movie Maker and created a short video about how to do something. We were able to add an overlay on the video by using our video editing software and modifying the picture that we were using. Before you try this method, you will have to know that Windows movie maker does not have a built in video overlay feature.

You may have to download some videos that you want to use and then use a bitmap program to change the colors of the picture. With the program installed, you just need to open the picture you want to use and then save it as a file. After saving it, you should be able to view the file in Windows movie maker and then click on the draw image icon. You should now be able to see the red frame around the picture and from there, you can start adding the new picture that you want to overlay on the video. If you have any questions on how to overlay a picture on a video in movie maker, you should ask for help from one of the instructions in the tutorial that you have found.

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