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How to Disable Big Picture Mode on a Mac?

how to disable big picture mode

Windows Vista has a built in feature that lets you know how to disable Big Picture mode in your operating system. It is one of those little-known features that most people never know about and that they really need to learn how to use. When you first get your computer, it comes with the default big picture mode or super mode. This mode basically allows Vista to run any application or feature that is installed on your computer with the highest possible settings. The problem is that this feature can often cause some applications and features to run poorly or in a much lower quality than they are used to.


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In order to fix this, you can go into your control panel by clicking on “My Computer” or “My Computer (older versions)”. If you have a desktop computer, it will be under the same category as your operating system. On the left side of the control panel, you will see an icon for something called the “ogle”, which can be expandable if you want. Clicking on this will take you to a page that shows all the different aspects of your computer and what each one does. This is how to disable big picture mode.

  • The first option that you have is the “Use Windows default settings” link. You can change this by clicking on this. Then look for the item that says “Change default settings for this PC”. Click on this, and then click “OK”. As you can probably tell by now, this option is very mis-named and leads you to confusion.
  • The other option is to click on “Change” next to “Use Windows default settings”. Again, the term is mispronounced, but this tells you what the items you are trying to change are. Once you click on the item, a new drop down menu will appear with four choices. Click on the “iology” tab, and from there, you can change the following options: Use desktop manager, Full screen mode, Maximized mode, and stretched mode. So, if you have a laptop that was made specifically for use with a plasma TV, you can use this feature to turn the screen into a plasma screen.

If you want to learn how to disable big picture mode on a mac, you will need to access the preferences of the Apple menu. To do this, go to the main menu at the top left-hand corner of your computer, and then click on “Settings”. When the screen appears, go to the click function and click “Settings”. From there, you can go to General, click “mac”, and then click on “About”. There you have it, your how to disable big picture mode on a mac tutorial.

Some screens are just not compatible with certain programs. For example, some games can only be played in a certain way on a PC because of the different screen size involved. If you use these types of games, you need to be aware that they can become messed up if you use the wrong settings. Fortunately, you can usually find a solution to this problem by accessing the developer’s website and changing the settings so that it is compatible with your game.

If you still have trouble after this how to disable big picture mode on a mac tutorial, you may need to look at a third party software. There are several programs out there that will do this for you. Most of these programs come as freeware. You just download them and open them up, and then you can begin to change the settings. Sometimes, it is better to just pay for the program rather than learning how to disable big picture mode on a mac manually.

Another option would be to look for the instructions on the internet. There are several websites that teach people how to disable big picture mode on a MAC. It is not recommended that you just download anything off of the internet, however, because you should know what you are doing before trying it. You might end up ruining your computer if you don’t know what you are doing.

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